AN 855: PCI Express* High Performance Reference Design for Intel® Cyclone® 10 GX

ID 683504
Date 6/08/2018
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1.5. Software Requirements

To run the reference design application requires installation of the following software:
  • Reference design software installed on computer #1.
  • PCI Express High Performance Reference design package, available as a downloadable compressed file.
  • The Intel® Quartus® Prime software running on computer #2.

The x4 and x1 design examples for this reference design can be downloaded at the links below:

Cyclone 10 GX PCIe Gen1 x1 Design Example

Cyclone 10 GX PCIe Gen2 x4 Design Example

For more information about the flow control update loop and the associated latencies, refer to the Throughput Optimization chapter. The information in the Throughput Optimization chapter is not specific to a particular device.