AN 855: PCI Express* High Performance Reference Design for Intel® Cyclone® 10 GX

ID 683504
Date 6/08/2018
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1.7.1. Programming using the .sof File

Interrupt the boot sequence on computer #1 to bring up the BIOS System Setup interface. Pressing the F2 key interrupts the boot sequence on many Windows PCs.
  1. Start the Intel® Quartus® Prime programmer on computer #2.
  2. Click Hardware Setup and select the USB Blaster. Click Close.
  3. In the Intel® Quartus® Prime Programmer, click Auto Detect. This command lists devices attached to the JTAG chain on the development board.
  4. Right-click the Intel® Cyclone® 10 GX (10CX2200YF780E5G) device and click Change File. Select the path to the appropriate .sof file.
  5. Turn on the Program/Configure option for the added file.
  6. Click Start to download the selected file to the Intel development kit. The device is configured when the Progress bar reaches 100%.
  7. On computer #1 exit the BIOS System Setup or boot manager interface.
  8. On computer #1, press Ctl-Alt-Delete to perform a soft reboot.
  9. The operating system detects a new hardware device and displays the Found New Hardware Wizard. In the wizard, select Install the software automatically (Recommended). Click Next.
  10. Click Finish to close the wizard.