AN 797: Partially Reconfiguring a Design: on Intel® Arria® 10 GX FPGA Development Board

ID 683497
Date 12/11/2020
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Creating Implementation Revisions

  1. To open the Revisions dialog box, click Project > Revisions.
  2. To create a new revision, double-click <<new revision>>.
  3. In Revision name, specify blinking_led_default and select blinking_led for Based on revision.
  4. For the Revision type, select Partial Reconfiguration - Persona Implementation.
  5. Disable Set as current revision. Ensure that This project uses a Partition Database (.qdb) file for the root partition is disabled.
    Note: You can add the static region .qdb file by turning on This project uses a Partition Database (.qdb) file for the root partition, and then specifying the static region .qdb file name.
    Figure 9. Create Revision Dialog Box
  6. Similarly, set the Revision type for the other revisions:
    • blinking_led_slow—select Partial Reconfiguration - Persona Implementation.
    • blinking_led_empty—select Partial Reconfiguration - Persona Implementation.
  7. Verify that each .qsf file now contains the following assignments:
    set_global_assignment -name REVISION_TYPE PR_IMPL
    set_instance_assignment -name QDB_FILE_PARTITION place_holder -to |
    set_instance_assignment -name ENTITY_REBINDING place_holder -to u_blinking_led
    where, place_holder is the default entity name for the newly created PR implementation revision.