AN 899: Reducing Compile Time with Fast Preservation

ID 683493
Date 11/06/2019

1.5.5. Step 5: View Fast Preservation Results

Follow these steps to view the Fast Preserve compilation time savings. With Fast Preserve enabled the Compiler reduces the logic of the imported partition to only interface logic, thereby significantly reducing the compilation time the partition requires.
  1. To view the compile time in the Compilation Report, click the Flow Elapsed Time report. The report shows time savings in each module of the Compiler.
    Figure 21. Compile Time Comparison
  2. Under the Synthesis folder, view the Design Assistant (Elaborated) report. All Asynchronous Clear rule violations are resolved.
    Figure 22. Design Assistant Results
  3. To view the Timing Analyzer results, click Tools > Timing Analyzer.
  4. On the Tasks pane, double-click Update Timing Netlist.
  5. Under Reports, open the Slack folder.
  6. Double-click Report Setup Summary. The design meets all setup timing requirements.
    Figure 23. Timing Analysis Results
This tutorial shows that use of Fast Preserve during design optimization can shorten overall compile times, and preserve predictable, satisfactory results through design iterations.

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