AN 899: Reducing Compile Time with Fast Preservation

ID 683493
Date 11/06/2019

1.5.4. Step 4: Optimize the Reserved Core Partitions

Next, you optimize the RTL of the blinking_led_8s and blinking_led_16s reserved core partitions.
  1. Update the RTL for blinking_led_8s and blinking_led_16s to correct the timing violations and asynchronous reset.
    Note: To accelerate this step, you can simply copy the and from the golden_rtl directory, and paste the files into the tutorial_impl directory, overwriting the existing files.
  2. Click Compile Design on the Compilation Dashboard. The Compilation Dashboard displays the time spent in each module of the Compiler and the total compilation time.
    Figure 20. Fast Preserve Compilation Flow Time

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