Intel® FPGA Software Installation and Licensing

ID 683472
Date 4/09/2024
Document Table of Contents Getting Started With the Quartus® Prime Installer GUI

The top section of the GUI lists all downloadable components and their relevant information in a hierarchical format. You can select and download the desired components, as shown in the following image:

Figure 2.  Quartus® Prime Installer GUI
  • The default download and installation location is C:\intelFPGA_pro\<ver> on Windows and /<user_home>/intelFPGA_pro/<ver> on Linux. However, you can select a different location using the browse button and selecting the desired location.
  • The Auto install after download and After-install actions options are enabled by default when you launch the GUI. However, the Agree to the Intel License Agreement is disabled by default. You must enable it to proceed with software download and installation.
    • If you want to review the license agreement, click the Intel License Agreement link to view it in your default browser.
    • If you choose to turn off the Auto install after download option, then After-install actions options are disabled, and only the Download button becomes available, allowing you to download selected components that you can install manually.
    • If your installation directory contains a matched version of Quartus® Prime software, the installer changes into the update mode, allowing you to install additional components or uninstall components. If the installation directory does not contain a matched version of the Quartus® Prime software, the installer displays an error when you click the Download & Install button.
    • If you are downloading for a platform (Linux or Windows) other than the one your system is running on, the Auto install after download option is disabled, and the tooltip shows why it is disabled.
  • The bottom section of the GUI displays the download size, installation size, disk space required for download and installation, disk space available, and download status. The disk space is highlighted if the available space is less than the disk space needed. If you proceed with the download and installation, you are prompted with a warning message for insufficient disk space. The download status dynamically changes when the download is in progress.
  • If you want to modify the installer settings, click the Settings button. Refer to Modifying the Installer Settings for more information.
  • After selecting the components and reviewing all settings, click the Download & Install button. Use the Pause button if you want to interrupt the download.
  • If you encounter any error throughout the download process, use the Log button to invoke the Log Viewer. The log file is saved to your download directory if you only downloaded the files. However, enabling the Auto Install option saves the log file to your installation directory.
Important: If Delete downloaded files after install is enabled, downloaded files corresponding to the installed components are deleted automatically after a successful installation. If the option is disabled, you need to manually delete the downloaded files if you no longer need them.