Intel® FPGA Software Installation and Licensing

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Date 4/09/2024
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5.5.1. Using the License Assistant

You can find the License Assistant link at the right corner of every page within the licensing center. Follow through the steps as guided by the License Assistant to manage your licenses.

You can perform the following tasks using the License Assistant:

Table 15.  Performing Licensing Tasks with License Assistant
Task Description
Find and generate license through the License Activation Code

The License Activation Code is the code that you receive in the delivery confirmation email from Intel or the distributor from whom you made the purchase.

View your unassigned licenses and generating the license

Unassigned licenses are your new licenses where you have not assigned a computer yet.

Regenerate license by Primary Computer

Use this option when you want to generate the latest license file for the licenses associated to your computer.

Rehost and generate a license

Using this option, you can change the computer on a specific license record, or you can edit the computer information (for example, changing primary computer ID, adding redundant or companion servers) and generate license.

Renew and generate a license

If you have recently made a renewal purchase and you want to apply the renewal purchase on your existing license to extend the dates and get the updated license file

Create companion license for your fixed licenses

A companion license grants license portability to a fixed product license. Each fixed product can be assigned up to three computers; an office, a lab, and a home computer if all are only used by the same person.

Create a temporary checkout license for your floating licenses

A checkout license enables portability for users with only floating seat licenses. The license administrator can issue a two-week fixed license, allowing one of the users to have access to the same product licenses from the network while traveling with a laptop.