Intel® FPGA Software Installation and Licensing

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Date 4/09/2024
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3.3.1. Downloading Software Using the Quartus® Prime Installer

The Quartus® Prime Installer is a light-weight application that allows you to download and install various development tools and FPGA device files that the Quartus® Prime software supports for a fresh installation, or add components or devices to an existing installation.

Benefits of the Quartus® Prime Installer

  • Saves disk space. The installer eliminates the need to download large .tar files and unzip them locally.
  • Allows dynamically selecting files to download or using the default options.
  • Supports pausing and resuming software downloads as desired.
  • Automatically retries or resumes interrupted software download when it detects the Internet connection.
  • Handles different proxy configurations.
  • Supports downloading multiple software in parallel.
  • Works on Windows and Linux systems.
  • Works in the GUI and CLI modes.
  • Supports automatic installation upon download completion.

Review the following topics for more information:

Supported Use Cases

  • Perform a fresh install of the selected components and devices.
  • Update an existing Quartus® Prime installation with additional components and devices. In this case, the already installed components and devices are grayed out, and you can select only those components not installed on your system.
  • Add devices to your existing installation.
  • Download, install, and add components through the command-line interface in the unattended mode.
  • Install on lab or server machines that are not connected to the Internet.

    In this case, you can download the necessary components from a machine connected to the Internet, transfer the downloaded files and Quartus® Prime Installer to the machine without the Internet connection, and run the Quartus® Prime Installer to install the components.