Intel® FPGA Software Installation and Licensing

ID 683472
Date 4/09/2024
Document Table of Contents Using CLI Commands

You can run the Quartus® Prime installer application entirely from the CLI and access the same functionality as the GUI interface. In this case, you must pass all the necessary parameters through the CLI only. No input is accepted through the console.
Table 8.  Command-line Options
Option Description
--help Displays the help.

Runs the installer in the command-line mode.


If you pass other options without passing the –cli option, the following error message is displayed:

Please use –cli if you want to run this app on command-line, otherwise, remove all options passed in.

Allows you to view the End-User License Agreement (EULA).

The EULA launches in your default browser if your system has a display. Otherwise, it displays the following message:
You can view Intel License Agreement in <install_dir>/licenses.
--cacert arg Allows you to specify your own CA certificate if the certificate that comes with the installer does not work with your firewall.

--proxy <server:port>

--proxy-user <user:password>


Allows you to specify your proxy settings manually if the installer cannot detect the Internet connection. For information about the accepted values for the proxy server, refer to

--proxy and –proxy-user options are optional. If the installer is able to accept all other options and process the command, it runs the --test_download option first.

  • If --test-download fails and you have not specified the proxy settings, the following error message is displayed:
    Internet connection cannot be established, if you're behind a firewall, please enter the proxy settings and try again.
  • If you have already passed the proxy settings but the Internet connection still fails, the following error message is displayed:
    Internet connection cannot be established, please recheck your internet connection or proxy settings.
Note: If you are behind a firewall, ensure that you do not have no_proxy variable set in your system.
--download-dir <dir> Specifies where to download the installer files.
--install-dir <dir>

Specifies where to install the application.

  • If you specify the --install-dir option, the --auto-install option defaults to on.
  • If your installation directory already has an existing installation, then passing --install-dir option displays the following error message:
    This application does not support updating an existing installation. You must run the installer manually after download.
  • If you specify only the --download-dir and not the --install-dir option, --auto-install is set to off.
--auto-install Specifies whether to install software automatically after download completes.
Important: On Windows, you must run this command option as an administrator. If you execute it without the administrator rights, then passing the --auto-install option displays an error message appropriately.
--bypass Specifies whether to bypass the disk space availability check.

Specifies whether to accept the Quartus® Prime software EULA. By passing the --accept-eula option, you are acknowledging to accept the EULA.


If you pass only the --install-dir option without the –accept-eula option, the following error message gets displayed:

You must agree to the Intel license agreement to install the software.
--delete-downloads After successful installation, it only deletes the files that are installed.
--parallel-downloads <arg> Specifies the number of parallel downloads. Supports values in the range of 1 to 6. Default is 4.
--retry-duration <arg> Specifies the retry duration (in minutes) if the Internet connection gets interrupted. Supports values in the ranges of 0 to 10000 minutes. Default is 60 minutes.
--platform <linux|windows> Specifies the platform (Linux or Windows) for which the installer files are downloaded. Platform defaults to the one your system is currently running on.
--components <quartus,agilex5,agilex7,stratix10,all> Specifies components to download or install with comma-separated values. If you are updating an existing installation, the installer installs only those components that are not installed on the system yet and ignores the components already installed. Dependent components are automatically included.
  • Default components are Quartus® Prime and Questa*-Intel® FPGA Starter Edition.
  • The default device is Cyclone® 10 GX. The remaining devices, such as Agilex™ 5, Agilex™ 7, Stratix® 10, Arria® 10, and eASIC™ N5X, are optional.
  • Optional Components are Questa*-Intel® FPGA Edition, DSP Builder for Intel® FPGAs, FLEXlm license server, Intel® High Level Synthesis Compiler, Intel® FPGA Power and Thermal Calculator, Quartus® Prime Programmer, Quartus® Prime Help, and Ashling* RiscFree* IDE for Intel® FPGAs.