Intel® FPGA Software Installation and Licensing

ID 683472
Date 4/09/2024
Document Table of Contents Installing and Configuring jtagserver on Windows

If you install the Quartus® Prime software for Windows* on a network drive, and have a JTAG Server, then you must set up the Quartus® Prime software to allow the JTAG Server to run JTAG services.
Intel recommends enabling the Install JTAG Server as a Windows service and run automatically when Windows starts option on the final page of the installation wizard to automatically install and run the jtagserver as a service upon system start up.
Note: For additional information about operating JTAG Server in a more secure manner, refer to the application note AN 939: JTAG Connections Over SSH.

If you choose not to install the JTAG Server as a Windows service automatically, then when necessary, you can install the JTAG Server manually using the command line option, jtagserver.exe --install as an Administrator. The jtagserver.exe is available within your Quartus® Prime software installation directory (<path>/quartus/bin64). The installed service does not run as an Administrator.

  • After the installation, you can either use the Task Manager > Services tab or the command-line option --status to verify if the jtagserver service is running.
  • You can control the jtagserver service using the --start and --stop command-line options or using the Task Manager.

If there is no active JTAG Server process running, client applications such as Programmer automatically launches an instance of the non-persistent JTAG Server (without it running as a service) and exists after two minutes of idleness.