Intel® FPGA Software Installation and Licensing

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Date 4/09/2024
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5.3.1. Obtaining Necessary Hardware Information

To generate a license.dat file, Intel® requires information about the computer on which you want to install the license.

The following table indicates what information you need, depending on the type of license and the license host's operating system.

Table 13.  Hardware Information Necessary for Intel® FPGA software licenses
License Type OS Hardware Information Notes
Fixed license Windows* or Linux NIC ID or software guard ID Legacy Quartus II software version 7.2 and earlier support software guards.
Floating license Windows* or Linux license servers NIC ID Use the ID from a physical NIC card, not a virtual ID.
UNIX license servers Host ID Equivalent to the NIC ID.
Important: If you use a floating license server for Intel® FPGA software, you must upgrade to the latest license daemon software (v11.18.2.0 or later). Intel FPGA software version 22.1 and later does not work with older versions of the daemon software. To download the latest daemon software, visit the Flexlm License Daemons for Intel FPGA Software web page.

Refer to Getting Hardware Information for License for instructions on obtaining the hardware information.

With the hardware information, you are ready to go to the Intel FPGA Self-Service Licensing Center.