Intel® FPGA Software Installation and Licensing

ID 683472
Date 4/09/2024
Document Table of Contents

2.2.1. Disk Space Requirements

If you are using the Quartus® Prime Installer, it displays the disk space needed to successfully install the software.

If you choose to download and install the software manually, your system must have at least 80 GB of free disk space to hold both zipped tar files and uncompressed installation files. The disk space may be significantly more based on the device families included in the installation. After successful installation, delete the downloaded zipped files and uncompressed zip files to release the disk space.

For disk space requirements of individual software components or Intel® FPGA IP cores, follow these instructions:
  1. Visit the FPGA Software Download Center.
  2. Select the desired software product from the collection.
  3. Within the selected software product landing page, refer to the Detailed Description > System Requirements section. For memory recommendations, refer to the release notes under Documentation Links section.
Important: Intel® recommends that your system be configured to provide virtual memory equal in size or larger than the recommended physical RAM size that is required to process your design.