Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Getting Started

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Date 6/20/2022
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2.3. Experiment with a Design Example

If you are new to FPGA design or FPGA design tools, you may find it easier to learn by experimenting with a pre-verified design example that installs by default during Intel® Quartus® Prime software installation.

You can open a design example project (.qpf) in the Intel® Quartus® Prime software and then experiment with the features that this document describes using a known functioning example.

Table 2.  Design Example Installed with the Intel® Quartus® Prime Software
Design Example Description
<installation_path>/quartus/qdesigns/fir_filter A basic, schematic based, flexible input response (FIR) filter design in an Intel® Quartus® Prime project.

To open and experiment with this design example project:

  1. After installation, open the Intel® Quartus® Prime software.
  2. Click File > Open Project, and then select and open the following project file:
  3. To experiment with the Intel® Quartus® Prime software features using the example design, refer to the feature descriptions in the section, Managing Intel Quartus Prime Projects.

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