Advanced Link Analyzer: User Guide

ID 683448
Date 10/18/2022

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Document Table of Contents SNDR Analysis

Click SNDR Calc or select SNDR Analysis from the Analysis pull-down menu to perform SNDR (Signal to Distortion and Noise Ratio) analysis. The calculation and analysis are implemented according to IEEE 802.3bj and OIF CEI 56G standards. The result provides an indication of transmitter or channel output quality. The fitted pulse, which is a part of the SNDR computation, is shown so that you can observe the fit quality as well as the possible impedance discontinuity locations in your link. The SNDR calculation is performed at the end of the channel. If you want to test the transmitter’s SNDR, you can use an ideal channel, for example, Ideal.s4p in Advanced Link Analyzer’s Database folder, to perform the analysis.

Figure 41. SNDR Analysis Example

SNDR analysis can be customized to suit specific transmitter configurations. See the "TX Analysis" section of Transmitter Options and Analysis Functions and Pre-Simulation and Pre-Analysis Checklist for details.