Advanced Link Analyzer: User Guide

ID 683448
Date 10/18/2022

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1.3. Program and File Types

Executable Files

Advanced Link Analyzer comes with the following executable files:

Table 1.   Advanced Link Analyzer Executable
Executable Description
adv_link_analyzer.exe Advanced Link Analyzer’s main user interface
adv_link_analyzer_sim_eng.exe Advanced Link Analyzer simulation engine
adv_link_analyzer_sim_eng_console.exe Advanced Link Analyzer simulation engine (console version)
adv_link_analyzer_data_viewer.exe The Advanced Link Analyzer Data Viewer displays simulation results
adv_link_analyzer_channel_viewer.exe The Advanced Link Analyzer Channel Viewer displays channel characteristics
adv_link_analyzer_batch_sim.exe The Advanced Link Analyzer Batch Simulation Controller runs simulations in batch mode
adv_link_analyzer_channel_designer.exe Advanced Link Analyzer’s channel designer that generate S-parameter channel models for link simulations

File Extensions

Advanced Link Analyzer uses the following file extensions:

Table 2.   Advanced Link Analyzer File Extensions
File Extension Description
.jne Advanced Link Analyzer simulation configuration
.jneschm Advanced Link Analyzer simulation schematic configuration
.jnetxdata, .jnerxdata, .jnedevdata, .jneledata, and others Advanced Link Analyzer internal data

Sharing an Advanced Link Analyzer Project

There are two ways to share an Advanced Link Analyzer project:

  • Project Archiver/Project Unarchiver method: Project Archiver and Project Unarchiver are GUI-based functions that collect and package channel model files, device model files (if applicable), and link settings in a single data file for sharing. See Archiving and Unarchiving Projects for details.
  • Manual method: Both .jne and .jneschm files are needed for other users to reload the link configuration in their Advanced Link Analyzer session. Make sure all other associated files, such as channel model files and device model files, are available or included so that simulations can run correctly.

Advanced Link Analyzer provides limited backward compatibility with link configuration files saved in previous versions.