Advanced Link Analyzer: User Guide

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Date 4/27/2022

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2.1.7. Batch Channel Simulation Configuration

Advanced Link Analyzer provides a convenient way to set up batch channel simulations. Batch channel simulation generation can be accomplished when the following conditions are met:

  • A complete link is graphically configured. This requires that:
    • The link contains a transmitter, receiver, and at least one transmission channel.
    • In the Link Designer, the connection lines from the transmitter to the receiver are bold black lines.
  • The link configuration is complete and ready for simulating with a variety of channels. Link configurations such as data rate, test pattern, BER target, reference clock setting, transmitter and receiver operation mode, and link optimization method are set and ready for simulations.
When these conditions are met, perform the following steps to set up a batch simulation. This example creates a batch simulation using the same transmitter, receiver, and other link settings while evaluating a group of channels at the place of the channel 20in_4mils.s4p, as shown in the following figure.
Figure 69. Example Link Configuration for Creating Batch Channel Simulations
  1. Choose a connected channel from the Link Designer work space. Right-click on the channel to bring up a context menu.
    Figure 70. Batch Channel Simulation Configuration Selection

    The Advanced Link Analyzer Batch Simulation Channel Selection window appears.

    Figure 71. Batch Simulation Channel Selection Window
  2. Click Add Channel to select channel files. A file browser helps you select the channel files you want. You can select multiple channels within the file browser. You can also click Add Channel repeatedly to add more channels. The added channel is listed in the Channel list box with channel type, port configuration, lane (if the channel is 8-port or more), and aggressor identification (if the channel is a crosstalk channel within a multiple-lane S-parameter).
    • Advanced Link Analyzer uses the Automatic S-parameter Configuration Check (ASCC) algorithm to automatically detect S-parameter models’ port configuration and designate default transmission lane.
    • To observe a channel’s characteristics or change a channel’s configuration, you can:
      • Select the channel and then click View using Channel Wizard. The Advanced Link Analyzer Channel Wizard helps you configure the channel.
      • To see all channels' characteristics, click View All using Channel Viewer to start the Channel Viewer (refer to the Advanced Link Analyzer Channel Viewer Module sections for details).
      • Use the pull-down menus or buttons below the channel list boxes to change individual channel configuration.
    • Optionally, you can edit the batch simulation file name header in the pull-down menu or the text box below the channel list boxes. By default, Advanced Link Analyzer uses the Date-Time string as the file name header. You can also type the desired header name in this box.
    Figure 72. Example of Batch Channel Selections
  3. When channel selection is complete, click Generate Simulation Configuration to generate Advanced Link Analyzer simulation configuration files with the selected channels.
    Note: In the current implementation of Advanced Link Analyzer, all simulation configuration files generated from step 3 are saved in the Advanced Link Analyzer installation directory.

After completing these steps, a series of Advanced Link Analyzer simulation configuration files are generated. For example, by using the Date-Time header option, four sets of Advanced Link Analyzer simulation configuration files are generated.

Figure 73. Batch Generated Advanced Link Analyzer Simulation Configuration Files

Launch Advanced Link Analyzer Batch Simulation Controller to run the generated link simulations (refer to the Advanced Link Analyzer Batch Simulation Controller section for details). The following figure shows the generated batch channel simulations added in the Advanced Link Analyzer Batch Simulation Controller and ready for batch simulations.

Figure 74. Added Generated Batch Channel Simulation Configuration in Advanced Link Analyzer Batch Simulation Controller