Intel® FPGA Power and Thermal Calculator User Guide

ID 683445
Date 4/01/2024
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3.2.3. Intel® FPGA PTC IP Power Summary

The IP Power Summary tab in the Hierarchy Manager displays all IP instances created using the IP Wizard, along with the dynamic power of the instances. The tab is implemented as a floatable and dockable widget and you can control its visibility through PTC's View menu. In the IP Power Summary tab, you can edit and replace each IP instance with the reinstantiated IP using the IP Wizard.
Figure 22.  Intel® FPGA PTC IP Power Summary Tab

Editing an IP Instance

To edit an IP instance, right-click on it and select Edit in IP Wizard. The IP Wizard displays with the previously selected values. You can modify the existing values in the IP Wizard, click Next and OK, the new configurations are added to the IP Power Summary tab and all related resource pages.

Renaming or Deleting an IP Instance

To rename or delete an instance, switch to the Design Hierarchy tab and click either Rename or Delete button, respectively. You can also find these options on the context-sensitive menu. You can also right-click and edit an IP instance through the Design Hierarchy tab using the context-sensitive menu.

Once you rename or delete an IP instance, it reflects in all related resource pages and the IP Power Summary tab.

Note: PTC does not allow renaming or deleting arbitrary rows of IP instances in the resource pages or in the IP Power Summary tab since they all belong to an IP.