Intel® FPGA Power and Thermal Calculator User Guide

ID 683445
Date 4/01/2024
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3.6. Finding Resources Using the Find Dialog Box

To find your resources in PTC, press the CTRL+F keys on your keyboard to launch the Find dialog box. You can also launch this dialog box by clicking on the PTC menu bar or through PTC's Edit > Find menu.

The Find dialog box supports the following functionalities:

  • By default (without selecting any checkbox), you can start searching with partial or full-text keywords for the resource page you are currently viewing and view all resources matching that keyword on the page.

    In the following example, all resources matching the keyword "foo" on the IO resource page are listed:

    Figure 33. Find Dialog Box in PTC
  • You can use the following checkboxes to broaden or refine your search further:
    • Find in all pages: Allows you to search resources on all PTC resource pages.
    • Match case: Performs full-text or partial text search with upper or lower case keywords, and the results match the case.
    • Match text exactly: Performs a full-text search, and the results match the text exactly.
  • Selecting any row of the search result displays and highlights the location of that resource within PTC.
  • You can use the scrollbar or Down key on the keyboard to navigate through the search results.
  • You can search your design hierarchy by entering your target node's instance path or partial instance path (for example, P|Q node) to locate all rows that are associated with that instance. This is useful in navigating your large design hierarchies.
    Figure 34. Instance Path Search