Generic Serial Flash Interface Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683419
Date 4/01/2024
Document Table of Contents

1.7.6. Building Application Software System using Nios® II Software Build Tools

  1. In the Quartus® Prime, go to Tools > Nios II Software Build Tools for Eclipse.
  2. Browse to your workspace directory.
  3. In the Nios II Software Build Tools for Eclipse, go to File > New > Nios II Application and BSP from Template.
  4. In the SOPC Information File name field, select generic_flash_access.sopcinfo from your project directory and click Open.
  5. For Project Name, set to generic_flash_access, choose Hello World Small project template and click Finish.
  6. In the generic_flash_access project directory and replace the hello_world_small.c file with main.c and operation.c files attached in the reference design.
  7. Select the main.c file and go to Project > Build Project to create the generic_flash_access.elf file.
  8. Select the generic_flash_access.elf file and go to Run > Run As > Nios II Hardware.
  9. The Nios II Console prints the following results.