AN647: Single-Port Triple Speed Ethernet and On-Board PHY Chip Reference Design

ID 683344
Date 12/14/2015
Public Ethernet Packet Generator Script

The eth_gen_start.tcl configuration script contains the parameters to configure the Ethernet Packet Generator registers in the reference designs.

You can use any text editor to configure the following registers in eth_gen_start.tcl script.

Table 12.  Ethernet Packet Generator Script Parameters
number_packet To set the total number of packets to be generated by the packet generator.
eth_gen To enable or disable the packet generator.
length_sel To select fixed or random packet length.
pkt_length To set the fixed packet length. The packet length can be a value between 24 to 9,600 bytes.
pattern_sel To select the data pattern for the random packet length.
rand_seed To set the initial random seed for the PRBS generator. This parameter is only valid when you select random packet length.
source_addr To set the source MAC address.
destination_addr To set the destination MAC address.

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