AN 934: Using Flexible Radio Platform with Intel® Arria® 10 FPGA and ADI ADRV9029 Sub6G EBZ Board

ID 683317
Date 6/08/2022

1.1. Introduction

The Picocell Radio Enablement Platform is a flexible radio platform solution that allows you to create a customized solution with varying radio configurations as well as different analog front end (AFE) solutions. This platform supports the following features:
  • Signal processing (compression, filtering, and beam forming)
  • AFE (power amplifier, switch, and low noise amplifier)
You can use this platform to develop single model or multiple model radio with different spectrum or band configurations and equipments such as:
  • 5G single band wide bandwidth 2T/4T Radio (up to 200 MHz)
  • 4G and 5G dual-band small cell (100 MHz 5G + 60 MHz 4G)
  • 5G distributed antenna system (DAS)/repeater
  • 5G test equipment
  • Phased array radar
The reference example allows you to perform the following operations:
  • Bring up your system faster.
  • Verify new algorithms and IPs in your design before system integration by using test-driven development controls and software integration.