AN 934: Using Flexible Radio Platform with Intel® Arria® 10 FPGA and ADI ADRV9029 Sub6G EBZ Board

ID 683317
Date 6/08/2022

1.5.3. Enable Loopback

This platform supports enable loopback feature in some nodes on the data path of the ADI ADRV9029 Sub6G EBZ board.
To enable loopback at the 9025 transceiver location using the ADI ADRV9029 Sub6G EBZ software GUI, follow these steps:
  1. In the Iron Python tab, click File and select Load to load the script.
    Figure 22.  Iron Python Tab
    Figure 23. Selection
  2. On the Build menu, select Run. A message appears when the loading of the script is successful.
    Figure 24. Example Successful Script Loading
  3. Run two python scripts at any time to enable or disable loopback mode.
Select the Receive tab to display a spectrum of 100 MHz NR baseband data.
Figure 25. GUI Display of 100 MHz NR Baseband Data
In this demo, the system sends 100 MHz NR baseband data in the TX direction by default. Change the value in the control register at the address 0xff218020 can switch to single tone signal mode. This operation needs to open an SSH terminal, and log on to the system as root and set register value to 0x10, as shown in the following figure.
On the PC side, select the Receive tab of the ADI ADRV9029 Sub6G EBZ software GUI to display a spectrum of the single tone signal.
Figure 26. GUI Display of Single Tone Signal
Note: To view the captured transmitted TX spectrum displayed by the ADI ADRV9029 Sub6G EBZ software, connect the transmitter SMA port channel N to the receiver SMA RF port channel N.