AN 934: Using Flexible Radio Platform with Intel® Arria® 10 FPGA and ADI ADRV9029 Sub6G EBZ Board

ID 683317
Date 6/08/2022
Public Base_address_sample_control Registers

Table 7.  Base_address_sample_control RegisterAddress: 0xff2f0040
Bit Register Name Description Attribute Reset Value
5:4 Rx sample channel select
  • 0-channel 0
  • 1-channel 1
  • 2-channel 2
  • 3-channel 3
N/A 2’b00
2 Tx customer data enable Sets to 1 to bypass DL signal process modules. N/A 1’b0
0 Rx sample enable Sets bit[0] to 1 trigger sampling RX channel data and write to RX memory. N/A 1’b0