AN 71: Guidelines for Handling J-Lead, QFP, BGA, FBGA, and Lidless FBGA Devices

ID 683255
Date 3/29/2019
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1.1.5. Straps for QFP, BGA, FBGA, and Lidless FBGA Devices without Carriers

Straps secure trays and prevent devices from jostling during transportation and storage. To hold trays together during transportation, Intel® recommends using at least 1/2-inch wide polypropylene straps that can withstand temperatures up to 130°C in case you are required to bake the devices before mounting. When storing devices, Intel® recommends using either velcro or polypropylene straps.

Velcro straps that are 20 inches in length are sufficiently long to bind stacks of two to seven trays for storage. When you strap trays together for shipping, follow these guidelines:

  • Use only heat-sealed polypropylene straps. Although velcro straps can hold trays together during storage, they lack the strength required to hold trays during transportation.
  • Set the tension on the strapping machine high enough to prevent straps from sliding off a stack of trays.
  • Secure one polypropylene strap across the length of the tray.
  • Remove straps with a knife to prevent jostling devices in the trays.
Note: Do not use rubber bands, masking tape, string, or other similar material in place of velcro or polypropylene straps.

The following figure shows the proper way to secure polypropylene straps on a stack of trays.

Figure 8. Properly Secured Polypropylene Straps on a Stack of Trays