AN 71: Guidelines for Handling J-Lead, QFP, BGA, FBGA, and Lidless FBGA Devices

ID 683255
Date 3/29/2019

1.5. Shipping J-Lead, QFP, BGA, FBGA, and Lidless FBGA Devices in Boxes

When shipping trays or tubes of devices, only use boxes that have passed the ASTM D776 test for shipping containers. To protect against ESD, Intel® recommends using boxes with an internal, conductive finish. You must add filler material to boxes to cushion the contents and prevent trays or tubes from shifting position during shipping. Boxes must contain enough filler material to prevent stoppers from falling out of tubes when jostled. Filler material must meet the following standards:

  • Must be antistatic and non-corrosive
  • Must not crumble, flake, powder, outgas, or shed
  • Must not scratch or puncture the trays, tubes, or dry-pack bags