Intel® Stratix® 10 Clocking and PLL User Guide

ID 683195
Date 9/08/2023
Document Table of Contents User Calibration

The I/O PLL must be recalibrated for any of the following conditions after device power up:

  • Dynamic I/O PLL reconfiguration that changes the M or N counter settings is performed.
  • Change of the reference clock frequency to the I/O PLL.

Recalibration is not necessary when using clock switchover to a secondary reference clock with a different frequency than the primary reference clock. The I/O PLL stores the calibration settings for both reference clocks after power-up calibration.

To perform the recalibration of the I/O PLL, you must enable the IOPLL Reconfig Intel® FPGA IP core to enable the recalibration mode.

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