Guidelines for Developing a Nios II HAL Device Driver

ID 683146
Date 6/12/2015
Document Table of Contents Altera Logging Example

The example applications, bit_bang_uart and hello_world_my_uart, and the example BSP, hal_my_uart, use the Altera logging functions.

To see an example of Altera logging, run or debug hello_world_my_uart. You can see the logging messages in the Nios II Console view, as shown in the figure below.

You enable Altera logging by setting the hal.alt_log_flags BSP setting to 3. Refer to the create-this-bsp script in the bsp/hal_my_uart directory for an example.

Figure 24. Altera Logging Output for hello_world_my_uart.c with ALT_LOG_FLAGS=3

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