Guidelines for Developing a Nios II HAL Device Driver

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Date 6/12/2015
Document Table of Contents

1.2.4. Importing Projects

Follow these steps to import the bit_bang_uart application project and the hal_my_uart BSP project:

  1. In Qsys, in the tools menu, select Nios II Software Build Tools for Eclipse to launch the Nios II SBT for Eclipse.
  2. In Nios II SBT for Eclipse, in the File menu, click Import. The Import dialog box appears.
  3. Expand the Nios II Software Build Tools Project folder, and select Import Nios II Software Build Tools Project.
  4. Click Next. The Import Software Build Tools Project wizard appears.
  5. Next to Project Location, click Browse. Navigate to and select the <my_design> /software_examples/app/bit_bang_uart directory.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Name the project bit_bang_uart.
  8. Turn on Managed Project to have Nios II SBT for Eclipse manage your makefile for you.
  9. Click Finish. The wizard imports the bit_bang_uart application project.
  10. Repeat steps 2 through 9, but at step 5 instead import the <my_design> /software_examples/bsp/hal_my_uart BSP.

For additional information about importing Nios II SBT command-line projects, refer to “Importing a Command-Line Project” in the Getting Started with the Graphical User Interface chapter of the Nios II Software Developer's Handbook.

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