Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition User Guide: Third-party Simulation

ID 683080
Date 9/24/2018

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2.2.6. Viewing Simulation Messages

ModelSim and QuestaSim error and warning messages are tagged with a vsim or vcom code. To determine the cause and resolution for a vsim or vcom error or warning, use the verror command.

For example, ModelSim may return the following error:

# ** Error: C:/altera_trn/DUALPORT_TRY/simulation/modelsim/DUALPORT_TRY.vho(31):
 (vcom-1136) Unknown identifier "stratixiv"

In this case, type the following command:

verror 1136

The following description appears:

# vcom Message # 1136:
# The specified name was referenced but was not found. This indicates
# that either the name specified does not exist or is not visible at 
# this point in the code.

If your design includes deep levels of hierarchy, and the Maintain hierarchy EDA tools option is turned on, this may result in a large number of module instances in post-fit or post-map netlist. This condition can exceed the ModelSim-Intel FPGA Edition instance limitation.

To avoid exceeding any ModelSim-Intel FPGA Edition instance limit, turn off Maintain hierarchy to reduce the number of modules instances to 1 in the post-fit or post-map netlist. To acces this option, click Assignments > Settings > EDA Tool Settings > More Settings.