Quad-Serial Configuration (EPCQ) Devices Datasheet

ID 683078
Date 1/23/2020
Document Table of Contents Write Non-Volatile Configuration Register Operation (B1h)

You need to write the non-volatile configuration registers for EPCQ devices for different configuration schemes. If you are using the .jic file, the Intel® Quartus® Prime programmer sets the number of dummy clock cycles and address bytes accordingly. If you are using an external programmer tools, you must set the non-volatile configuration registers.

To set the non-volatile configuration register, follow these steps:

  1. Execute the write enable operation.
  2. Execute the write non-volatile configuration register operation.
  3. Set the 16-bit register value.

Set the 16-bit register value as b'1110 111y xxxx 1111 where y is the address byte (0 for 4-byte addressing and 1 for 3-byte addressing) and xxxx is the dummy clock value. When the xxxx value is from 0001 to 1110, the dummy clock value is from 1 to 14. When xxxx is 0000 or 1111, the dummy clock value is at the default value, which is 8 for standard fast read (AS x1) mode and 10 for extended quad input fast read (AS x4 mode).

Figure 5. Write Non-Volatile Configuration Register Operation Timing Diagram