Quad-Serial Configuration (EPCQ) Devices Datasheet

ID 683078
Date 1/23/2020
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1.7.8. Read Device Identification Operation (9Fh)

This operation reads the 8-bit device identification of the EPCQ device from the DATA1 output pin. If this operation is shifted in while an erase or write cycle is in progress, the operation is not executed and does not affect the erase or write cycle in progress.

Table 32.  EPCQ Device Identification
EPCQ Device Silicon ID (Binary Value)
EPCQ16 b'0001 0101
EPCQ32 b'0001 0110
EPCQ64 b'0001 0111
EPCQ128 b'0001 1000
EPCQ256 b'0001 1001
EPCQ512/A b'0010 0000

The 8-bit device identification of the EPCQ device is shifted out on the DATA1 pin on the falling edge of the DCLK signal.

Figure 14. Read Device Identification Operation Timing Diagram