DisplayPort Arria® 10 FPGA IP Design Example User Guide

ID 683050
Date 4/29/2024
Document Table of Contents Storing Encrypted HDCP Production Keys in the External Flash Memory or EEPROM (Support HDCP Key Management = 1)

Figure 26. High Level Overview of HDCP Key Management

When Support HDCP Key Management parameter is turned on, you hold control of HDCP production key encryption by using the key encryption software utility (KEYENC) and key programmer design that Intel provides. You must provide the HDCP production keys and a 128 bits HDCP protection key. The HDCP protection key encrypts the HDCP production key and the encrypted key is stored in the external flash memory (ie. EEPROM) on DisplayPort daughter card.

Turn on the Support HDCP Key Management parameter and the key decryption feature (KEYDEC) becomes available in the HDCP IP cores. You must use the same HDCP protection key in the KEYDEC to retrieve the HDCP production keys at run time for processing engines. KEYENC and KEYDEC support Atmel AT24CS32 32-Kbit serial EEPROM, Atmel AT24C16A 16-Kbit serial EEPROM and compatible I2C EEPROM devices with at least 16-Kbit rom size.

Note: If you had previously used KEYENC to encrypt the HDCP production keys and turned on Support HDCP Key Management in version 21.2 or earlier, you need to re-encrypt the HDCP production keys using the KEYENC software utility and re-generate the HDCP IPs from version 21.3 onwards.