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Intel® oneAPI Math Kernel Library LAPACK Examples

ID 766877
Date 12/20/2021

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SGESV Example

The routine solves the system of linear equations for X:

A*X = B


  • A is a square matrix.

  • The columns of matrix B are individual right-hand sides.

  • The columns of X are the corresponding solutions.

The matrix B is overwritten by X.

The LU decomposition with partial pivoting and row interchanges is used to factor A as:

A = P*L*U


  • P is a permutation matrix.

  • L is a unit lower triangular.

  • U is an upper triangular.

The factored form of A is then used to solve the system of equations A*X = B.

C Interface

Please refer to the Matrix Layout section of the C Interface Conventions for the description of Row Major (C default) and Column Major (Fortran default).