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Intel® oneAPI Math Kernel Library LAPACK Examples

ID 766877
Date 12/20/2021

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DGEEV Example

The routine computes a square real general matrix A, the eigenvalues and, optionally, the left and/or right eigenvectors.

The right eigenvector v(j) of A satisfies the following formula:

A*v(j) = lambda(j)*v(j)


lambda(j) is its eigenvalue.

The left eigenvector u(j) of A satisfies the following formula:

u(j)H*A = lambda(j)*u(j)H


u(j)H denotes the conjugate transpose of u(j).

The computed eigenvectors are normalized so that their Euclidean norm equals one and the largest component is real.

C Interface

Please refer to the Matrix Layout section of the C Interface Conventions for the description of Row Major (C default) and Column Major (Fortran default).