Intel® VTune™ Profiler

Quickly Find and Fix Performance Bottlenecks and Realize All the Value of Your Hardware


Get the Big Picture and the Critical Details

With today’s variety of computer architectures, a performance profiler must be able to diagnose many kinds of bottlenecks. Intel VTune Profiler includes:

  • System and Application Overview Profiles: These identify where to focus tuning or how to configure systems. They collect less data and can run for a longer time.
    • Application Performance Snapshot is designed for clusters with thousands of ranks.
    • Platform Profiler is well suited to cloud servers.
    • Performance Snapshot examines individual applications.
  • Focused Profiles: These take a more detailed look at different classes of bottlenecks such as compute, memory, threading, accelerator offload, throttling, or I/O. Precise profiling information is annotated onto the code source.

Turn Raw Data into Answers

Performance optimization is a bit like solving a mystery. You gather the evidence, analyze it, and make sense of what’s really going on. Summaries, tips, filtering, and annotations make you more productive.

  • Source View: See the profiling results on your source
  • Timeline Filtering: Focus on bottlenecks as they change with time
  • Summary Reports: Get the big picture and tips for further analysis

Now Available as a Server

Intel VTune Profiler can be installed as an application or a server. A server installation lets a small group of users:

  • Access with a web browser
  • Share results with other users who have server access
  • Profile any target by preinstalling the collector agent or pushing from the server via SSH

Product and Performance Information


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