"We recommend using Intel MPI for best performance, and tools such as VTune Profiler and Advisor to help better understand performance optimizations and how to best migrate your workloads to the cloud. Intel Advisor and the roofline model really allows our customers to understand what is possible and what the performance could be for their specific workloads."

— Ilias Katsardis, HPC solution lead, Google Cloud Platform* service


"Intel Advisor made it easier to find the cause of bottlenecks and decide on next optimization steps. It provided data to help us forecast the performance gain before we invested significant effort in implementation."

— Igor Chernykh, assistant professor, Novosibirsk State University


"Intel Advisor has been extremely helpful in identifying the best pieces of code for parallelization. We can save several days of manual work by targeting the right loops. At the same time, we can use Intel Advisor to find potential thread safety issues to help avoid problems later on."

— Carlos Boneti, HPC software engineer, Schlumberger