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Daily Workload at Intel is Project Driven

Intel employee Andrew explains how his technical marketing job is project driven, focusing on demos to showcase new products or how they are used.

Intel Managers Make Staff Progression a Priority

Intel employee Andrew describes the positive working relationships he has had with his managers and notes staff progression is a priority at Intel.

IT Expert Migrates to Manufacturing Environment

Intel employee describes how he left a local company where he did IT support to join the manufacturing environment of networking products at Intel.

Career Development Council Invites Employee Feedback

Intel employee Andrew serves on the Career Development Council, which invites employee feedback on how management can better serve employee needs.

Employee Enjoys Intel’s Fun Work Environment

Intel employee Andrew enjoys the company of his co-workers and a fun work environment that allows him to pursue his music hobby during working hours.

Diverse Software Benefits from Intel® Processors

Intel employee Andrew describes how Intel® processors enhance the performance of diverse software, such as music and video-editing programs.

Working Globally at Intel

Andrew explains working globally as an Intel technical marketing engineer and how it allows him to collaborate with people all over the world.

Life at Intel: Collaborative Work Environment

Technical Marketing Engineer Andrew explains the welcoming and collaborative work environment in Intel’s Platform Technical Enabling Group.

Nanotechnology Research Project Manager on Advancing Moore's Law

Bernie shares advancing Moore's Law with new technology research as a nanotechnology research project manager with Intel's Process Engineering Group.

Research Project Manager on Working for Intel Ireland

Bernie shares what he thinks is great about working for Intel Ireland including the people who offered their support after he moved to Ireland.