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Intel® Boot Loader Development Kit: Release Notes

Release Notes: Related documents on Intel® Boot Loader Development Kit, including known and resolved issues, and new features. (v.2.0.0, Oct. 2010)

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Real-Time Linux* with Xenomai* on Intel® Multi-Core Processors

White Paper: Describes Xenomai* configuration for hard real-time capabilities in Linux* while normal Linux processes are suspended. (v.1, Oct. 2009)

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Intel® Boot Loader Development Kit: Specification Update

Update: Device and document errata, and specification clarifications and changes for the Intel® Boot Loader Development Kit. (v.0.7, Aug. 2010)

Replacing Real-Time Hardware with Multi-Core Software

Read Embedded Innovator Newsletter 2011: 6th Ed articles including DPI for LTE, Virtualized Performance, and Flexible Security. (Sept. 2011)