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Speed Data Transfers with Intel® NUC

Poster: Featuring Thunderbolt™ technology, the Intel® NUC speeds data transfers to streamline the video editing process.

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Thunderbolt™ Technology for Developers

Transforming I/O device interconnectivity and transfer performance, Thunderbolt™ technology enables flexible, innovative system design configurations.

Thunderbolt™ Technology in Action

Thunderbolt™ Technology is a high-speed PC connection bringing together high-speed data transfer and high-definition display on a single cable.

Thunderbolt™ Technology: Overview

Thunderbolt™ Technology combines data and video on one cable and daisy-chains six devices, delivering 10Gbps bi-directional dual channel transfers.

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Thunderbolt™ Technology: Technology Brief

Thunderbolt™ technology, a transformational high-speed, dual protocol I/O, delivers simple flexibility for innovative thin system and product designs.

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Thunderbolt™ Technology

Supporting PCI Express* and DisplayPort* transfers, Thunderbolt™ technology delivers flexibility for simple system expansion and media creation.