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Intel Custom Foundry Overview

Explore an overview of Intel Custom Foundry, a full-service facility with the same technology used by the global leader in semiconductor production.

Intel Custom Foundry Design Flows and Kits

Discover the advantages of design flows and kits for ASIC and custom designs, which contain collateral in industry standard formats.

Mobile 4th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor Family: EDS, V.1

External Design Spec, V.1: Covers 4th gen Intel® Core™ processor technologies, power, thermal, signal, electrical, package specs. (v.2.7, Jul. 2014)

Haswell U/Y Processor-based Platform: Design Guide

Guide: Provides Haswell U/Y platform design recommendations, including for Windows* 8, instrumentation, PCB, signal, and more. (v.2.5, Sep. 2014)

Design Ecosystem: Synopsys

Details on Synopsys IP and EDA tools available to customers of Intel Custom Foundry

Video Animation: Mark Bohr Gets Small: 22 nm Explained

Mark Bohr explains how Intel 3-D transistors manufactured at 22 nm ensure the pace of technology advancement for years to come.

Intel Custom Foundry Test Offerings and Services

Explore Intel Custom Foundry premium test services, designed to help customers develop test programs from scratch or for an unfamiliar environment.

Intel Custom Foundry HDMT

Intel Custom Foundry High Density Modular Test (HDMT) adapts to device under test to power cost savings via robust capabilities across all conditions.

Intel Custom Foundry Test Technology

Intel Custom Foundry test technology is an industry-leading solution that provides full manufacturing data visibility, and robust capabilities.

Intel Custom Foundry Design Solutions

Explore Intel Custom Foundry design solutions such as methodology support, design kits and flows, IP verified on silicon, and co-optimized packaging.