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Intel® Ethernet Network Connection I347-AT4: Software and Drivers

Ethernet network connection technical resources for single-chip device with four independent GbE transceivers.

Intel® IoT Gateway Technology: Get Started

Get started with application-ready solutions using Intel® IoT gateway technology and turn data at the edge into real value now.

Intel® CoFluent™ Studio

Explore the benefits of Intel® CoFluent™ Studio, featuring behavioral validation, performance analysis, and more.

IoT in Retail Delivers Immersive Shopping Experiences

Explore Intel®-based device, service, and turnkey solutions, and see how IoT in retail inspires richer shopping experiences.

Intel® Ethernet NVM Update Tool for Windows:* Quick Usage Guide

Use case for the Intel® Ethernet NVM update tool, the downgrade of an adapter NVM to a previous release version. (v.1, Jul. 2016)

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Intel® Data Protection Technology for Transactions: Video

Video: Retailers can secure credit card and personal data with Intel® Data Protection Technology for Transactions. (v.2, Mar. 2016)

Vehicle Safety Technology and Security Innovations | Intel® Inside

Intel® RealSense™ technology makes sense of your vehicle surrounding for new safety, security, and object detection features. (Sep. 2015)

Connected Transportation and Logistics Solutions through IoT: Video

Intel® architecture provides transportation and logistics industries solutions to improve driver safety, reduce pollution, and beyond. (Sep. 2015)

6th Generation Intel® Core™ Desktop Processor: Software

6th gen Intel® Core™ desktop processor family with Intel® 100 series chipsets offer higher performance compared to the previous generation.

6th Generation Intel® Core™ Mobile Processor: Software

Software: The 6th gen Intel® Core™ mobile processor family on 14nm technology offers higher performance compared to the previous generation.