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Find Retailers for Intel® Edison and Intel® Galileo Boards

Find retailers around the world who sell Intel® Galileo and Intel® Edison development boards.

Intel® Maker Products Overview

Check out Intel® maker products, from Intel® Edison and Intel® Galileo boards to Intel® Curie™ technology, and find inspiration for your next project.

Two Bit Circus Presents the DIY Intel® Galileo Gen 2 DJ Kit

Two Bit Circus presents a do-it-yourself Intel® Galileo Gen 2 DJ kit that you can build to learn about electronics while creating your own beats.

The Maker Inside | Introduction to the Intel® Galileo Board

Intel Labs’ Seth Hunter and Carlos Montesinos provide this Intel® Galileo board introduction of components, ports, software capabilities, and more.

The Maker Inside | Intel® Galileo Board and the Arduino* IDE

Intel Labs’ Seth Hunter and Carlos Montesinos give an overview of the Intel® Galileo board and Arduino* IDE, setup, and how to begin a basic sketch.

Intel® Galileo Board Block Diagram

A great tool for quickly prototyping simple interactive designs or for tackling more complex projects.

What Excites Makers in the Movement

Makers talk about what excites them—self-expression, sharing knowledge, creating with passion—in a movement that transforms ideas into innovation.

The Makers: LYT by Second Story

Second Story uses the Intel® Galileo board to create LYT, a collaborative tool that controls touch-sensitive lights and mobile phone activated laser.

Intel® Galileo Board Troubleshooting

Resources for troubleshooting the Intel® Galileo Board.

Intel® Galileo Development Board Firmware Update: Video

Video: Getting started with the Intel® Galileo development board firmware update with Arduino IDE or CapsuleApp.efi (part 4 of 9). (v.1.0, May 2014)