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Get Students Making: Resources for K-12

Explore a diverse collection of resources that include customizable lesson plans, project ideas, design thinking, and more, to get students making.

Intel® Galileo Documents and Guides

Find Documents and Guides for Intel® Galileo.

Intel® Galileo How-to

Find How-To resources for Intel® Galileo.

Intel® Galileo Troubleshooting

Resources for troubleshooting Intel® Galileo.

Intel® Edison Documents and Guides

Find Documents and Guides for Intel® Edison.

Intel® Edison Troubleshooting

Resources for Troubleshooting Intel® Edison.

Intel® IoT Gateway Platform Data Editor Tool: Getting Started Guide

Use the Platform Data Editor Tool to add or modify the SPI flash data on Intel® IoT Gateway products with an Intel® Quark™ processor. (v.2, Apr. 2015)

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Corporate Responsibility

See how Intel lives corporate social responsibility and look into business ethics, guiding principles, commitment to the environment, and more.

Intel® RAID Controller RS3WC080

Entry-level low-cost eight internal ports with 12-Gb SAS-3 with mirroring, striping, and RAID 5 options.

Intel® Mobile Communications Software-Defined Radio

Mobile communications software-defined radio supports multiple standards on the same processor by changing the software only.