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Jobs at Intel: Intern Application Forms

Learn about the intern application process for jobs at Intel, including employment forms, first day documentation, and relocation instructions.

I-9 Instructions for Section 1

I-9 Instructions for Section 1 - electronic version

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Stock Programs Allow Employees to Share Intel Ownership

Intel’s stock programs include stock options, restricted stock units, and the Stock Purchase Plan, which enable employees to share ownership

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Required Paperwork for New Intel Employees

New Intel employee paperwork includes forms that must be completed and signed for orientation, such as a code of conduct questionnaire.

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Intel Locations in Finland

Learn more about Intel’s locations in Finland, including the Helsinki campus which provides sales and marketing support to the region.

Intel in Germany: Master’s Degree Opportunities

Learn about master’s degree opportunities at Intel locations in Germany, including information on which career path is best for you.

Intel Locations in Hong Kong

Learn about locations in Hong Kong, where Intel’s presence includes an assembly test facility, as well as a sales and marketing office.

Intel in Budapest, Hungary

Learn about Intel’s location in Budapest, Hungary, including the primary responsibilities of the team and what life is like in this historic city.