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Connected Telematics Enables Smarter Usage-Based Insurance

Solution Brief: Devra Networks delivers a secure usage-based insurance solution with advanced connected telematics and an Intel®-based OBD II* device.

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Daikin Applied Integrates Intel® IoT Gateway into HVAC Systems

Solution Brief: See how Daikin Applied integrates Intel® IoT Gateways into HVAC systems to improve building performance and lower operating costs.

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Hitachi Visualization Platform*: Better Data for Safer Cities

Brief: Hitachi Visualization Platform* uses Intel® technology to boost real-time intelligence, situational awareness, and investigative capabilities.

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Building Automation with KMC Controls and the Internet of Things

Solution Brief: KMC Controls uses the Internet of Things to offer cloud-connected building automation, unifying operations across multiple locations.

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Yoga Systems Connect Smart Homes with the Internet of Things

Solution Brief: Yoga Systems connects smart homes to manage security, electronics, and thermostats simultaneously with the Internet of Things.

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The Internet of Things Can Help Raise Property Profitability

Solution Brief: The Internet of Things can help property owners increase profitability with building networks that manage HVAC, security, and more.

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Healthcare Security: User Experience, Compliance, and Risk

Solution Brief: Implementing a proactive, preventive approach to privacy and security includes technology and administrative and physical controls.

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Healthcare Information Security, Compliance, and Risk

Solution Brief: Hardware-assisted healthcare info security from McAfee* and Intel protect, enable care, and meet consumer, IT, and medical trends.

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Improve Healthcare IT Security: Solution Brief

Solution Brief: InterSystems Caché* paired with Intel® AES-NI accelerates health record encryption, improves healthcare IT security, lowers overhead.

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Omron Sysmac Machine Automation Controller NX7 with Intel® Core™ i7

Omron is enhancing manufacturing sites via parallel processing of large-scale, high-precision motion and information controls. (v.1, May 2015)

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