In today’s world of big data, you need the highest performing FPGAs and SoCs. Intel® Arria® 10 devices provide up to 20% higher fMAX than the competition, more than a speed grade advantage, as measured using publicly-available OpenCores designs. Arria 10 devices are also the only 20 nm ARM*-based SoC with up to 1.5 GHz and hard floating-point digital signal processing (DSP) of up to 1.5 TFLOPS.

Download our white paper, Intel Arria 10 Performance Benchmarking Methodology and Results, for detailed information on how Arria 10 devices beat the competition and provide the performance the market demands.

Watch a 1 minute video on how Arria 10 devices beat the competition.

Intel Arria 10 Performance Benchmarking Methodology and Results

Arria 10 devices are perfect for applications such as:

  • High-performance acceleration and storage for data centers
  • Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), E-Vehicles, powertrain, and automotive infotainment
  • Wireless and wired communications

So whether you are designing devices that collect and process data on the front lines, the communications infrastructure carrying data around the world, or the data centers processing and making sense of the information, Arria 10 FPGAs provide a proven performance advantage.

Design Solution – See how Arria 10 performance and power efficiency advantages over GPUs are being applied to simulate tsunamis

Benchmark Designs

Design Name (click name to download) Design Function
oc_avr_hp_cm4 AVR Processor 
oc_warp_tmu Image Processing 
oc_reed_ solomon_decoder Error Correction Code 
oc_usbhostslave USB 1.1 Controller 
oc_dma_axi64 Single-channel 64-bit AXI Master DMA 
oc_256_aes Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 
oc_m1_core 32-bit RISC Processor 
oc_aquarius RISC SuperH Processor 
oc_des_des3perf Triple Data Encryption Standard (DES)
oc_fpu100 32-bit Floating Point Unit 

Visit the Arria 10 FPGA and SoC page for more detailed information on these products.



Tests measure performance of components on a particular test, in specific systems. Differences in hardware, software, or configuration will affect actual performance. Consult other sources of information to evaluate performance as you consider your purchase.  For more complete information about performance and benchmark results, visit  Performance comparison methodology and detailed results documented in the Intel Arria 10 Performance Benchmarking Methodology and Results white paper on