Stratix® IV FPGAs: The Lowest Power High-End 40-nm FPG

With the migration to low process nodes, Stratix® IV 40-nm FPGAs utilize the latest architecture innovations and process techniques to deliver the lowest power and the highest performance of any high-end FPGA.

Stratix IV FPGAs deliver 50 percent lower power (see Figure 1) and 35 percent higher performance than the nearest competing device.

Figure 1. Stratix IV FPGAs Consume Less Power

These power savings are achieved through the following solutions:

  • Programmable Power Technology
  • DDR3 and Dynamic On-Chip Termination
  • Process and Circuit Technologies
  • Intel® Quartus® Prime PowerPlay Power Analysis and Optimization Tool

For details on how your next-generation systems can take full advantage of Stratix IV FPGA power conservation innovations, see the Stratix Series FPGA Low Power Consumption Features page.