Ecosystem for Intel® FPGA and Intel® SoC FPGA Devices


Frequently Asked Questions

System on Modules (SoMs) are small, highly integrated single-board computers that include DRAM, flash memory, power management, common interface controllers, and board support package (BSP) software. SoMs help you create a fully customized embedded design without starting from scratch.

Benefits for using SoMs:

  • Faster time to market by off-loading complex board design.
  • Production ready hardware for immediate deployment.
  • Versatile product design and application fit from various partners.
  • Minimize component supplier management.

Intel and its FPGA-SoM partners provide unmatched value from processor choice (x86, Arm or Nios®), wide performance and density range of FPGA fabric (Intel® Max® and Intel® Agilex®) and Global partner ecosystem.