Agilex™ 7 Clocking and PLL User Guide: M-Series

ID 769001
Date 4/01/2024
Document Table of Contents

2.1.2. Clock Resources

Table 1.  Programmable Clock Routing Resources for M-Series Devices
Number of Resources Available Source of Clock Resource
32 pairs of unidirectional programmable clock routing at the boundary of each clock sector

For transceiver bank:

  • Physical medium attachment (PMA) and physical coding sublayer (PCS) TX and RX clocks per channel
  • PMA and PCS TX and RX divide clocks per channel
  • Hard IP core clock output signals
  • REFCLK pins
  • Core signals 1

For I/O bank:

  • I/O PLL C counter outputs
  • I/O PLL M counter outputs for feedback
  • Phase aligner counter outputs
  • Dynamic phase alignment (DPA) clock output
  • Clock input pins
  • Core signals 1

For more information about the clock input pins connections, refer to the pin connection guidelines.

1 Core signals drive directly to programmable clock routing through clock switch multiplexers in the clock sectors instead of the periphery DCM block.