MACsec Intel® FPGA System Design User Guide

ID 767516
Date 3/31/2024
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7.4.1. Simulation -d Options

The following -d options can be used when running your simulations:
Table 11.  Simulation -d Options
-d "<option>" Description
+define+MAC_SRD_CFG_25G Selects 25G Ethernet. If this macro is not specified, then the default selection is 100G.
Note: There is no separate macro define for 100G.
+define+QSFP_EXTERNAL_LOOPBACK Selects Ethernet loopback at QSFP level.
Note: If this macro define is not specified, then the MACsec level loopback is enabled.
+define+PCIE_USR_DATA_WIDTH_X16 Selects 16 lane PCIe.
Note: If this macro define is not specified, then it is an 8-lane selection by default. For example: in a MACsec SysED, an E-tile-based design is 16 lane and an F-tile-based design is 8 lane.
+define+ENABLE_ETILE_ETH Selecting E-tile design only.
+define+ENABLE_FTILE_ETH Selecting F-tile design only.

Here are some examples of the -d usage:

  1. 25G with QSFP external loopback.

    -d "+define+MAC_SRD_CFG_25G +define+QSFP_EXTERNAL_LOOPBACK"

  2. 25G with MACsec level loopback.

    -d "+define+MAC_SRD_CFG_25G"

  3. 100G with QSFP external loopback.


  4. 100G with MACsec level loopback: No need to give -d option.