E-tile Hard IP Intel® Agilex™ Design Example User Guide: Ethernet, E-tile CPRI PHY and Dynamic Reconfiguration

ID 683860
Date 8/04/2021

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Document Table of Contents

2.1. Quick Start Guide

The E-Tile Ethernet IP for Intel® Agilex™ FPGA core for Intel® Agilex™ devices provides a simulation testbench. When you generate the design example, the parameter editor automatically creates the files necessary to simulate, compile, and test the design.

In addition, Intel® provides a compilation-only example project that you can use to quickly estimate IP core area and timing.

Table 1.  List of Supported Design Example Variants
Data Rate Variant Simulation Compilation-Only Project Hardware Design Example
10GE Single or multi channels Media Access Controller (MAC) + Physical Coding Sublayer (PCS) with optional 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP)
Single channel PCS
Single channel Optical Transport Network (OTN) X
Single channel Flexible Ethernet (FlexE) X
Single or multi channels custom PCS

Single or multi channels MAC + PCS with optional RS-FEC and optional PTP

Single channel PCS with optional RS-FEC
Single channel OTN with optional RS-FEC X
Single channel FlexE with optional RS-FEC X
Single or multi channels custom PCS with optional RS-FEC
100GE MAC+ PCS with optional:
  • (528,514) RS-FEC
  • PTP
MAC+PCS with (544, 514) RS-FEC
PCS with optional (528,514) or (544, 514) RS-FEC
OTN with optional (528,514) or (544, 514) RS-FEC X
FlexE with optional (528,514) or (544, 514) RS-FEC X
Figure 1. Development Steps for the Design ExampleThe compilation-only example project cannot be configured in hardware.